Keep Our Beaches Clean

All visitors to our beaches want to enjoy an experience free from garbage, waste and other environmental nuisances. Keeping our beaches clean also helps to prevent water quality swim advisories.

Here are the things you can do to keep our beaches clean:

  • Place all garbage and recycling in their appropriate containers. Garbage — especially leftover food — attracts birds and other wildlife to the beaches, resulting in water contamination.
  • Put small children in waterproof diapers and change diapers frequently.
  • Grill only in designated areas, and place your charcoal waste in the marked red metal containers.
  • Keep dogs in designated areas. Pick up after your pets and place pet waste in trashcans.
  • Please do not swim if you’re not feeling well.

Be sure to also check out our volunteer page for ways you can join the beaches volunteer team and our beach rules for what’s not allowed at the beach.