August 6, 2014

DNAinfo Chicago

World Basketball Festival Takes Over 63rd Street Beach

The Nike World Basketball Festival began taking over the parking lot at 63rd Street Beach Tuesday.

Crews were constructing two large temporary courts on Tuesday in preparation for the U.S. Basketball Men’s National Team and the clinics and camps that run Aug. 14-17.

The parking lot at 63rd Street Beach will be closed until Aug. 22.

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August 1, 2014

DNAinfo Chicago

Where's the Beach? Fargo Beach All But Gone as Lake Rises

The Chicago Park District sign at the end of Fargo Avenue says, "Welcome to Fargo Beach."

But there's one problem with the greeting: There's not much of a beach left as the lake's water creeps to its highest levels in 15 years.

"There used to be a beach. There used to be a lot more," said Jan Ponio, soaking up the sun on a patch of sand that was the only part of the beach not yet submerged by Lake Michigan.

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